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Meet Natalie

As a certified dog trainer, Natalie Gustafsson believes that dogs are similar to people in the sense that everyone learns differently. With this philosophy in mind her one-on-one training services ensure that every dog is set up for success with a special curriculum that meets their individual needs. 

Natalie has over 12 years of experience working with animals and has trained alongside various world-renowned dog trainers including Jennifer Gray, Director of The Dog Psychology Center (DPC) in Santa Clarita, CA. She is a Certified Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College (ABC) and now runs her own private dog training practice where she can work one-on-one with animals from all walks of life. Natalie specializes in general obedience training and helping dogs with various behavioral issues including anxiety from past traumas and/or aggression. Her mission is to compassionately help owners understand that it is not only about training the dog, it is also about training the human behind the dog.

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